What is Aesthetic Development?

Aesthetic Development is an essential component of Other Learning Experiences. Throughout the three years of senior secondary education, every student should be provided with approximately 135 hours of learning time for Aesthetic Development. Since no public examinations are required for Aesthetic Development, students may learn arts in a more relaxing way through appreciating, creating, performing and reflecting.


Aesthetic Development
F1 flower DIY2014-10-08


Star of Rock2013-10-08

The band show, “Star of Rock”was held successfully in our school hall on 8th Oct, 2013. Two popular bands, KOLOR and ToNick were invited as our guest performers. Through this kind of cultural activities, it is hoped that students will enhance their interest in band music. It can also widen their scope of arts and provide chances to develop their musical talents.

Cultural Night2013-05-18


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