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IHMC's Guidance and Counseling Committee is formed when the school was founded, Careers Team is one of the groups in the committee.

Choices and developments in careers life is crucial, so the Careers Team in out school cooperates with the Life Education Team. At the same time, our teachers responsible strongly believes n the importance of the continuity of career education, so the team provides a wide variety of related educational programmes, until the students finish their matriculation studies. The types of activities include aptitude tests, questionnaires, talks, visits and so on, in order to let students know more about themselves, have a deeper insight into the world of jobs so that they can choose their right paths and develop their own potential. In hopes of helping students to face their future in a positive way, the Careers Team will post information of further studies on boards, set up database in the library and provide lending services of video tapes. Apart from these, the team also provides guidance to public exam's candidates, schemes regarding experiences of summer jobs, training on interviewing skills, etc.


To supply materials concerning further studies, jobs and vocational courses for students to widen their horizon, and instill them comprehensive and deeper understanding on local and overseas studies, and different industries as well.

Let students fully appreciate their personalities, hobbies, abilities, values, job aptitude, criteria of choosing jobs and so on. Furthermore, it is in hope that students can make wise and suitable decisions when dealing with problems of further studies and careers.



Ms. Chua Kam Lee Ms. Lam Yuk Wa
Mr. Fung Wai Shan Ms. Ting Yuen Tai
Ms. Thong Oi San Ms. Chan Kit Yan
Mr. Wong Yan Kwong  

Chairman: Lau Yan Shing
Vice Chairman:

Kam Sheung Ming

Fan Chi Yan


Li YaoYing

Lau Lok Tin


Leung Kam Hung

Wong Hui Ying

Art Design:

Yip Long Yan Yanki

Lam Chi Tung

Wong Tsz Yan

Ko Hoi Yan

Tung Nam Ling 


Leung Hei Lok

Leung Chun Hei

Ho Kong Kuen

Mok Fei Fan

Wong Yu Ming


Tso Kam To 

Wong Lok Man

Ng Cheuk Hang

Hon Chak Shing 

Lau Hoi Ki

Ko Cheuk Chi


Shum Chi To

Wong Yat Foon

Sin Lok Yin

Miu Wai Yan 

Ho Sin Ping 



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