Disciplinary Team Programmes (2017-2018)



  1.  Award for Excellent Behaviour


    1. to help students internalize positive value and develop self-discipline

    2. to award well-behaved students in the aspects of courtesy and respect

  2. Star of The Month
    • To endorse prefects’ contribution and to encourage the prefects to be models of their team members
    • Every month, the disciplinary prefect who had the most outstanding performance in their routine work was elected as “Star of The Month”.


List of “Star of The Month”



              Name of prefects


Ng Ka Yee        (4 Matthew)








  1. A.S.K. PRO Disciplinary Prefects Leadership Training Day Camp (2017-18)


Our school had collaborated with the Salvation Army Education and Development centre to run the A.S.K. PRO Disciplinary Prefects’ Leadership Training Program.  A head count of 60 prefects was selected to join the program.  It consisted of 1) day camp held on 11th November 2017 and 2) day camp held on 20th January 2018.



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