About Us

Pastoral Care Team consists of 27 Catholic teachers. We aim at carrying out religious activities, implementing the values of Christ, and taking care of 78 Catholic students' and their schoolmates' spiritual needs. 
The team prepares for the Morning Prayers and Masses, as well as the School Year Opening Ceremony, Feast Days, the School Year Ending Ceremony and Prayer Meetings for Graduates, etc. In addition, we encourage students to show their love and care to the needy by participating in voluntary services in hospitals, homes for the aged, special schools and so on. In recent years, our students have also taken part in the joint-school voluntary services organized by the North-East New Territories Deanary. All Catholic teachers also assist the executive committee members of the Catholic Students' Association in arranging group meetings, organizing the Religious Week and Eucharistic celebrations, as well as nourishing the faith of all students.

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