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  Our 162nd New Territories Company was established on 5th February 1983. We are the school unit of Immaculate Heart of Mary College. We have our regular meetings on Friday in the afternoon.

Our guiding programme aims at developing guides physically and spiritually through four main aspects, namely, 'character', 'physical fitness', 'service' and 'skills'. To achieve these aims, we organise indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and first-aid training. In addition, we are committed to serve both our school and community in several functions. Through these activities, the guides learn how to help others and spread the BP spirit. Currently, we have 40 members in our company, which consists of 4 patrols, namely Bougainvillia, Gentian, Bauhinia and Chinese New Year Flower.

When we started our company, Ms Lai Chi Mui, Mrs Wat Wong Ching Han and Ms Hui Ying Hung were our Guiders. They have left the company. However, since 2000, some old guiders have come to serve the unit, they are Karen Cheung (2001), Phoebe Lai (2001), and Olivia Kwok (2003). Now, Ms Lai Wai Ling and Ms Ng Sau Ling are our Guiders.

In the past few years, our guides found it fruitful to be the representatives of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association in the International Camp held in any parts of the world. Moreover, from 2000 to 2002, nine of us were awarded the Chief Commissioner's Guide Badge, which is the highest honour to the Girl Guides. They are Chan Ka Yan (2000), Karen Cheung (2000), Kwok Tak Lam (2000), Lai Sin Ting Phoebe (2000), Lau Siu Ying (2000), Wong Shui Ting (2000), Lee Tsz Yan (2001), Cheung Hiu Lam (2001) and Wong Shuk Yin (2002).

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