St. Clare is the name of one of the sages of the Franciscans - Clare. She was born in Assisi in 1194. Her father, Favorone, who was a wealthy noble, expected Clare to marry another noble’s son. However, Clare declined and was determined to follow what she believed was a calling from God, a life focused on the Gospel and prayer, leading to her spending of the rest of her life in San Damiano. She eventually died there in 1253. By the year of 1255, she was proclaimed to be a holy woman by Pope Alexander IV. Because of her holiness, her name, Clare, was chosen to be the name of St. Clare House.

Red is the colour of St. Clare house which means warmth and light. Every year, the captain and its' committee worked tirelessly to strive for the overall champion. In order to achieve our goal, countless frustrations were experienced. Yet, none of us gives up at any time because we will succeed in the near future. On the other hand, we are grateful that we have the advices and support from our advisors. Moreover, we are delighted to have two hundred and sixty-eight united members who contribute their greatest effort to support us.

We had a number of victories in the inter-house championships through extremely excellent performance on Annual Sports Day and other inter-house competitions. With our motto ‘Trying our utmost best’, we will march towards the overall champion this year. We hope all our members can keep strivingforward because we are the pride of St. Clare!

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