What is BAFS?

Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) is a newly introduced subject under the NSS curriculum.
It is a subject combining the HKCEE and HKAL Principal of Accounting and Commerce.

Learning Objective

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Students have thorough understanding of business concept and knowledge and are able to apply the knowledge learnt in an integrated manner to solve problems in business context.

  • Students have comprehensive understanding of accounting concept, rules, procedures, techniques and application

  • Students can analyze business data for making effective and efficient business decisions.



  • Students are able to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in evaluating business issues and making ethical decisions

  • Students can demonstrate effective communication, team-building and interpersonal skills through group discussion and project learning.


Values and Attitudes
  • Students can realize the social responsibility of business enterprises and professional accounting bodies.

  • Students become a responsible, caring and ethical life-long learner who is committed to the well-being of society. 

The Curriculum

Characteristics of learning BAFS in IHMC
  • Accounting module is selected for the elective module that students will learn in F.5 and F.6 as it is a professional field in which students can further develop their knowledge in Tertiary Education.
  • School-based notes and exercises are used as supplement of textbooks to provide students with more advanced knowledge and enough practices.
  • Students will also have many chances in joining different kinds of competitions provided by professional commercial bodies.
  • Firms visits are held in order to provide students with opportunities for learning the real business environment. 
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