Mission Statement

The Immaculate Heart Of Mary College is sponsored by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. Through the example of Mary in the Life of Jesus, we are led to imitate Her Compassionate Love and Willing Works of Service to others. Empowered by the spirit of the Gospel, we are dedicated to providing a caring and supportive school environment so that learning is valued, mutual respect is shared and all members can develop their potential to the fullest capacity. By means of our concern for the Catholic Faith, Personal Formation and Scholarly Development, we strive to prepare students to become responsible citizens who contribute to society, are sensitive to the needs of others and meet the challenges of today's world.

General Outcomes

  1. So that each student will live Catholic values, serve humanity and society, and grow towards maturity as a person of character, of education and of charity, our college aims to develop:
  2. a college community that is genuinely interested in and supportive of all members, fostering individual growth and development.
  3. Catholic values, respect for the values of others, and the ability to critically evaluate the current social issues.
  4. an all-round development in moral, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic education.
  5. an awareness and challenge for students towards their responsibilities to love the less fortunate and the less privileged, who hold priority in our care and concern.
  6. the individual interests and abilities of students for the betterment of their personal welfare and that of society.
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