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(V)     Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries – Biology

(V)     Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries – Medicine

(V)     3 World-Changing Biology Experiments

(W)     Online Biology Dictionary – Meanings of biological terminology

(W)     Biodigital Human - 3D Human Model

(W)     About Biology – Human Anatomy, Genetics and Quizzes

Chapter 1

(V)     The Nature of Science

(V)     Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries – Biology

(V)     Famous Biologists – 18 Greatest Biologists in History

(W)     The Nature of Science (from the Project 2061)

Chapter 5

(W)     Nutrition of some common food

Chapter 8

(W)     Cardiac cycle

Chapter 10

(V)     Freehand sectioning of stem

Chapter 11

(V)     Mitosis Rap: Mr. W's Cell Division Song

(V)     Meiosis! (Mr. W's Music Video)

Chapter 14

(V)     Mung Bean germination

Chapter 15

(W)     All about vision – Eye defects and corrections

Chapter 19

(V)     The movement of Euglena

Chapter 20

(V)     山水搜記 - 河流 (HK Freshwater stream)

(V)     山水傳奇:宛在水中央 (HK Freshwater marsh)

(V)     山水傳奇:聽海下的聲音 (HK Corals, sandy shore and mangrove)

(V)     山水傳奇:浪淘沙 Part 2 (HK rocky shore)

(V)     山水傳奇:香港盛開 (HK Woodland)

(V)     山水傳奇:蓮麻坑隱世桃源 (HK Woodland fauna)

(W)     Hong Kong Nature

Chapter 23

(V)     Flu Attack!  How A Virus Invades your Body

Chapter 26

(V)     Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries – Genetics

Chapter 27

(V)     Protein synthesis

Chapter 29 & 30

(V)     Discovery 100 Greatest Discoveries – Evolution

E3 Chapter 1

(V)     Aseptic technique in microbiology

(V)     Plate preparation

(V)     Use of micropipette

(V)     Aseptic technique – Spread plate

(V)     Counting cells with a Haemocytometer

E3 Chapter 2

(V)     How It is made – beer

(V)     Commercial wine production (part 1) (part 2)

(V)     Making soya sauce

(V)     Cheese making

(V)     How It is Made - Blue Stilton Cheese

(V)     Fermented Chili Tofu (Chao)

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