F.2 STEM activity2017-04-27

We use a motor model in teaching the application of magnetic effect of an electric current. This year, we asked our F.2 students to make this model. This is to nurture their skills in solving problem. We provided students with the working principle, examples from the Internet, a magnet and 1-m insulated wire. Students made their motors in Easter Holiday. They took video of their products and reflected on how they solved problems arouse. All 4 F.2 classes, 32 groups participated in a competition that followed. They were given another insulated wire to wind a new coil. Their new models were displayed for judging. Students were focused in making their new model. Many models only rotate for a few seconds while 6 of them rotated until the competition ended (about 20 minutes). When students’ videos were played, everyone rejoiced. All motors in the video rotated and problems, technical ones or of classmates’ were discussed. If students consider the number and the area of the coil in their making of the coil, this should be a very successful STEM activity.

Ecological talk on Coral Community in Hong Kong2017-04-24

We had invited Ms. Wong from the Agricultural and Fisheries Department and students from The Education University of Hong Kong to give an ecological talk – Corals in Hong Kong for F.1 and F.2 students during Form Teacher Period. This was the first time for our students to learn about the structure of the corals, the distribution of coral communities in Hong Kong waters and the conservation of corals. Students had a great time and they were actively participating in the talk.


歷年來中一同學都會在科學課堂上給同學示範一個小實驗,今年我們嘗試讓同組同學將過程用iPad錄影下來,並放到iClass上與同學分享。這個小改變,效果卻出乎意料的好。 同學一如以往學寫實驗報告的格式,用imperative 來寫步驟,並嘗試做實驗,最後才拍攝。觀察所見:同學都多次朗讀講稿,重複做實驗,就連拍攝時也再三重拍,務求達到最佳效果。 這個嘗試啟發我們—錄影能使同學認真參與學習活動,實認適當使用。


今年我校五名中四、五的女同學參加了由香港觀鳥會主辦的「香港觀鳥日 暨 中學生觀鳥比賽2016」。學習、實習、比賽于三、四月間進行。比賽同日在九龍公園、塱原濕地及大埔滘樹林三個不同生境進行,除了對不同生境雀鳥的認識外,體力也是一個很大的考驗。 我校多次參加觀鳥比賽,是次氣氛特別熱烈,我隊經過大會評判審核紀錄後,以錄得五十種雀鳥獲普通翠鳥獎章。觀鳥讓我們親近大自然,認識大自然,獎項是一份驚喜,感受、享受大自然才是同學最大的得著。


中二同學已參與可觀自然教育中心暨天文館開辦之專題研習及科學探究課程多年,今年我們選取生物速查 Biolitz為題進行學習、考察、分析及演示。 活動于本年二、三月間在城門郊野公園進行,因溫度低,昆蟲數目顯著地少,卻迎來一大群牛,一個種群的猴子,使同學無限驚喜/驚慌。後半部的匯報,中規中矩,能善用互聯網補充資料及資訊科技演述,唯聲量及眼神交流還需改善。


二十七名中二及中三的學生於三月二日下午往大埔科學園進行了四個半小時的活動,使同學穫益不少。同學先參觀 高錕教授:光纖通訊之父展覽廳 及 智慧生活@科學園展覽,及後並參加了由香港青年協會創新科學中心舉辦的科學體驗計劃下之 ‘不可思議的靜電’ 工作坊。是次活動由綜合科學科與課後學習支援小組共同籌辦,透過是項活動,擴闊同學對香港創新科研發展的認識。

SciChef 20152015-05-09

We were very fortunate to enter the final of the SciChef cooking challenge 2015 organized by Faculty of Science, HKU. Our participants, Leung Alison Wing Yee 梁穎怡from 3 Luke, Wong Wing Tung Tiffany 黃穎瞳from 3 Luke and Liang Peiying 梁佩㼆from 3 Mark prepared a creative dish, Smiley balls, presented the science principles behind the cooking method and answered questions from chefs and professors. The great challenge came from the language medium-English. As English is their second language, they took the challenge nervously. We got a certificate of Outstanding Award by the end of the competition. This was quite an experience for the participating students.

IPad -互動學習2015-05-04

建基於我們使用平板電腦的應用程式的經驗,我們進而設計另一個以密度為原則估計物體浮或沉的學習活動。 學生邊學邊用,邊用又邊學,並能即時分享答案,改進學習。同學除了投入外,還自動使用程式內的小工具標示圖片,使設計者的我們喜出望外。 下列五張圖片顯示同學的學習成果。

生物多樣性速查 - Bioblitz2015-01-23

我們參加了由可觀自然教育中心暨天文館 舉辦的專題研習及科學探究課程 - -生物多樣性速查 Bioblitz。 中二級各班同學在城門郊野公園進行搜尋、觀察、辨識和記錄各式各樣的生物,全日活動讓學生更認識本地生物,同時學習和應用筒單的生物分類知識,並且體驗觀察生物的樂趣。


Using an iPad App, Nearpod, we create 2 interactive multimedia presentations to engage our students in the learning of Electricity. Students in group of two, with the rules learnt, discuss, calculate and answer questions on current and voltage. Facilitated by the app, students pay a more active role in learning. While teachers receive immediate response from students, appropriate feedback is given promptly.

Project Learning & Scientific Inquiry Course2014-01-28

We joined the Project Learning & Scientific Inquiry Course, specially designed for Junior Secondary students by Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre 2 Matthew and 2 John participated in Looking at Living Things in the Wild while 2 Mark and 2 Luke participated in Observing the neighbouring living things and Ecological Survey in the City respectively. Through field study, group discussion and presentation, students observed characteristics of living things in different habitats, constructed a key, collected and interpreted data and prepared a report. Our students’ voluntarily engaged in the activities which makes the experience unique and valuable. The course is highly rated.






今年八位學生組成二隊,分別以‘3A戰隊 3A Army’ 及 「家之寶 Super Kitchen Cleaner」為題,參加香港學生科學比賽,延伸同學科學探究的潛能。比賽為期四個月,期間每組要為自己訂立的題目進行深入研究,然後向公眾發表和講解。活動不單培養學生科學頭腦,更提供寶貴機會讓創意和技巧透過科技應用予以發揮。


透過計劃之撥款, 請得前教育學院英文系系主任 Dr. Philip Hoare與綜合科學科同工一並開發課堂物料,以改進同學在科學領域的溝通能力。



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