IHMC 40th Anniversary
Subscription to Souvenirs of the 40th Anniversary

To honour the 40th Anniversary of our school, several souvenirs are now available for subscription. All income will be allocated to the school as educational purpose after the deduction of cost. If you are interested in purchasing the 40th Anniversary souvenirs, please provide your contact number and items you would like to purchase in the Google Form below. We will contact you for the pick-up soon.

List of souvenirs:

1. A4 Files (4 colours available – St. Irene House, St. Helen House, St. Magdalene House and St. Clare House)$15 per one
2. Eyeglasses Clean Towel   $15 per one
3. 3-in-1 Memo Pad (Pattern: Student Handbook)     $15 per set
4. Power Adaptor (Limited!)       $180 per one
5. Set A (Full set of souvenirs) – 1 set of A4 files (one of each colour), Eyeglasses Clean Towel X2, 3-in-1 Memo Pad X2, Power Adaptor X1$260 per set
6. Set B – 1 set of A4 files (one of each house)   $50 per set

Payment method: Only Cash is accepted.
Subscription link via Google Form (samples of all souvenirs included):


Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr. Chan Chi Lap or Ms. Cheng Ming Yuk on 2647 1358.

Cancellation of the 40th Anniversary Reunion Dinner

Although COVID has been alleviating, it is however still unstable. To prevent further deterioration of the pandemic and ensure all of your health, we regret to inform that we have decided to cancel the 40th Anniversary Reunion Dinner. Please stay tuned for the rest of the celebratory events. We look forward to seeing you in the coming future.

“Embracing God's Grace Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin”-The 40th Anniversary of IHMC

This year, all teachers, students and alumni are gratefully getting ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of IHMC. In 1981, IHMC took root in Sha Tin. Upholding the motto “AMOR ET LABOR”(Love and Labour), we have been dedicated to educating our students. Now, after 40 years, because of diligence of generations and generations of our IHMC members, IHMC has thrived and flourished. As the 40th anniversary’s theme “Embracing God’s Grace, Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin” states, IHMC will continue bearing all hardships that our founders faced in mind and live out God’s love while caring for Sha Tin and nurturing our students to be youngsters with aspiration and dedication. Events celebrating our 40th anniversary will be held soon and we welcome all alumni, parents, teachers and students, from near and afar, to come and join us on these festive occasions. More details will be posted on the school website and Facebook Page of IHMA.

“Together we walk in the love of God”- The 50th Anniversary of IHMK


For the past 50 years, Immaculate Heart of Mary Kindergarten has rooted in Sha Tin and continued upholding the motto “AMOR ET LABOR” (Love and Labour) to educate students. The theme for the 50th anniversary is “Together we walk in the love of God.” We hope we can all continue loving God and embracing all others, while moving forward together in the love of God. Events celebrating the 50th anniversary of IHMK will be held soon and we welcome all alumni, parents, teachers and students to come to join us on these merry occasions. More details will be posted on the website of IHMK ( http://www.ihmk.edu.hk ) and Facebook Page of IHMA.

The School Opening Mass cum the IHMK & IHMC Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony

The School Opening Mass cum the Kick-off Ceremony of Celebration events for 50th Anniversary of Immaculate Heart of Mary Kindergarten and 40th Anniversary of Immaculate Heart of Mary College was held on 15 September 2020. The Mass was celebrated at the convent of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, and all teachers and students from our Sisters’ schools could join the Mass via live streaming. Our alumnus, Rev. Joseph Liu, was the Celebrant of the Mass, and it was co-celebrated by Rev. Carlo Tei, P.I.M.E. and Rev. Louland T. Escabusa, C.I.C.M.. Rev. Joseph Liu encouraged us to learn from the Blessed Mother, who suffered with Jesus under the Cross, the way she kept her faith, hope and love despite her sufferings. During the Mass, the 3 Principals of IHMK, IHMS and IHMC, holding a cardboard with school pictures, were blessed and sent by the priest to start their work of this year. They would then take the cardboard back to school and offer it to God on 4th June during the Thanksgiving Mass on Immaculate Heart of Mary Feast Day. The Mass was ended in the joyful singing of praises to the Blessed Mother. 

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Theme of the 40th Anniversary
Embracing God's Grace  Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin


The theme shows our gratitude to our Lord for the education of our school such that our students can thrive under Catholic Education. Meanwhile, the theme presents the spirit of our School Sponsoring Body; which is Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, regarding Sha Tin as our home. Our alumni, staff members, students and parents are committed and determined to love and help each other in the Immaculate Heart of Mary family, including IHMK, IHMS and IHMC, ever since we have dedicated ourselves to education in Man Lai Road Sha Tin in 1958.

Above is the logo of 40th Anniversary, which echoes with the theme.

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