New Senior Secondary History Curriculum

Compulsory Part (each school to choose any one of them)
Introduction: The Making of the Modern World
(i) The foundations of Western supremacy
(ii) Western expansion and the formation of colonial empires
(iii) Asia’s reactions to Western expansion
(iv) Towards international cooperation

Theme A
Modernisation and Transformation in Twentieth-Century Asia

  • Modernisation and transformation of Hong Kong
  • Modernisation and transformation of China
  • Modernisation and transformation of Japan and Southeast Asia

Theme B
Conflicts and Cooperation in the Twentieth-Century World

  • Major conflicts and the quest for peace
  • The quest for cooperation and prosperity

Elective Part

  • Comparative studies

- Impact of the Cold War
- Totalitarian states
- Development of Hong Kong and Shanghai as international cities
- Theory and practice of communism in the USSR and China
- US policies towards the PRC in different periods of time
- China’s population problems and policies at different times in the 20th

  • Issue-based studies

- “Terrorism”
- “Cultural imperialism”
- Popular culture
- Japan’s political, economic and cultural influence in Asia
- Nuclear proliferation
- Global environmental challenges
- Poverty in the developing world
- The struggle for gender equality

  • Local heritage studies
  • Traditional culture and conservation (e.g. Cantonese opera, traditional customs and festivals, monuments and historical buildings)
  • Business and trade (e.g. local brand names and trade marks, and the history of one selected industry or trade)
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