About us

The Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit 136 was established at 14 July 1984. We are attached to Immaculate Heart of Mary College. As members of the International Red Cross Movement, aim at protecting life and health, serving the community and putting the spirit of humanity in action. 

Uniqueness of Activities

  • Through ‘Progressive Activities Scheme’, members are nurtured stage by stage to embrace the mission of Red Cross Uniformed Groups; and to be equipped with leadership skills, health care knowledge, discipline and social service skills in order to provide a variety of quality services to the needy in the community.
  • Members are involved in managing and launching services to enable them to attain personal growth.

Progressive Activities Scheme



1. Protecting life and health

Training on first aid skills, health care skills, small scale saving skills, health and hygiene education, community service and health-check skills, etc.

2. Serving the community

Encouraging members to participate in voluntary service to help people with different needs, including the wounded, the homeless, the poor, the sick, the discriminated and the left-out.

3. Enhancing friendship and mutual understanding

Through different recreational and group activities, and international exchange activities to encourage members to broaden their horizons and their social circles, to understand and accept others, and to establish friendships.

4. Promoting the spirit of the Red Cross

Promoting the Red Cross' spirit of humanity through lessons, games, competitions, promotion efforts and big events.

5. Attaining personal growth

Through marching, group life and skills training to help members put their leisure time into meaningful uses and develop them into responsible and confident citizens in the community.

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