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SHORTS - Story Writing Competition organised by NET Section, CDI, Education Bureau



It’s a rainy winter’s night.


‘Good evening. It’s Jessica Smith on Late News Report. A dead body has been found in the back alley of Muses Bar in West District. Our reporter, Ben is now interviewing the head of the Police Investigation Team - Sergeant Christian Stoner. Let’s see how things are going.’


‘Sergeant Stoner, do you have any suspects for this series of horrible murder cases? Are they related to anyone in Muses Bar? Why are all the victims men?’


‘There haven’t been any suspects related to this case. However, we’ve just collected some evidence and it’s the lab’s work now to give us more clues for further investigation. For the time being, we cannot jump to any conclusions.’ He’s tired of repeating the same type of official ‘no-comment-style’ answers he’s been saying for nearly two months. None of these made sense. How could men keep on dying in the same alley by the same bar with the same cause of death? Stoner was the only person who still cared. His colleagues would rather have another drink, watch pole dancing, get drunk, sleep with some pretty hookers and arrive at the office at noon. Such a life Stoner would never imagine.


‘Hey dude! Come along! You don’t seriously want to solve these cases, right? This job is freaking tiring and it will soon suck all you’ve left in your body. Why don’t you relax and lets’ have more booze, perhaps, some gorgeous ladies as well. Sure, you won’t regret. Trust me!’ said Big Stan, Stoner’s colleague and a VIP of Muses Bar. 


When they walked into the bar, they caught the attention of a pair of insightful eyes. A mystery enveloped an Asian woman. Her sleek black hair swayed as she shook the mixing glass skilfully. Surprisingly, two unusual drinks were served. Both Big Stan and Stoner felt weird and looked at the bartender in a bid to get the answer. The Asian woman caught their attention and gave them a seductive smile. After they had finished the drinks, Stoner decided to leave.


‘Dude, I gotta go now. It’s urgent. See you tomorrow,’ said Big Stan. ‘Okay,’ hummed Stoner, rubbing his eyes. Stoner had a presentiment, but he decided to leave the worries behind. He soon left the bar.




An irritating smell filled a small flat of a building. A stunning Asian woman smoked deeply on the bed, watching the spider webbing in the corner. On her side, there was a mummy with a painful face.



‘Has anyone seen Big Stan today?’ asked Will, the receptionist.


‘No, but he said he went to the bar yesterday,’ someone answered.


Suddenly, a police officer rushed in with sweat all over his face. He looked shocked. ‘Guys, another dead body has just been found in West District. It’s in the garbage chamber of West Line condo.’


‘This is a disaster!’ thought Stoner.


They headed to West District as quickly as they could. As they arrived, an irritating smell poured out from the garbage chamber, the smell of ancient garbage, human blood and dead bodies. Before Stoner approached the scene, he was stopped by a police officer, handing out a wallet with the staff permit of someone familiar— Big Stan. Stoner was shocked. After seeing the dead body of Big Stan, he immediately felt sick. Big Stan was completely dried off, covered with spider webs. If people took a closer look at him, they must see his face be left with stiff muscles caused by severe pain before his death.


‘What has happened to you? Stoner mumbled, trying to wipe his eyes full of tears.


While his was investigating at the scene, he thought he smelled something nice and he was sure he’d never experienced such a feeling. ‘Did you smell something?’ asked Stoner to the policewoman standing next to him.


‘If you are referring to the awful smell in this dump, yes. If not, no! Stop asking foolish questions!’ replied the policewoman irritatingly.


Stoner asked the forensic technician, who was a young lady, the same question.


‘I thought I did, it was the scent of roses, cherries, raspberries…….just like a pretty, young lady. But anyway, this is a dump; let’s just focus on our work.’


Stoner didn’t want to say so, but to his surprise, he smelled the same thing that the forensic technician just described. He tried to calm himself down, followed the track of where the scent came from. He got up the stairs, went to the third floor, and then turned right. It was a clean corridor with the same eight wooden doors, four on each side. The scent became stronger as he approached the last door at the end of the corridor—Room 308. The door was unlocked. However, the inside was unbearably untidy. Stoner stepped in when an Asian lady dressed in a black dress with a red scarf was walking out of her room.


‘Who are you? Why are you here?’ asked the lady.


‘I’m terribly sorry, but the door was unlocked and I was attracted by a certain scent that I wanted to come to look for,’ replied Stoner politely.


The lady glanced at Stoner up and down, having an interest in him. 


‘I am a police officer. A murder happened downstairs. Have you seen anyone suspicious?’ asked Stoner.


‘No, officer,’ replied the lady. ‘Other than the dead body, isn’t there anything worthwhile investigating?’ asked the lady in an erotic voice, getting closer at the same time.


‘Sorry to disturb you, lady. If there is no clue for the murder, I’m going to leave. Thank you for your cooperation.’ Stoner didn’t show any interest in the lady and turned to the door. Just as Stoner stepped out of the room, something held his waist and stopped him.


“What a man…!” Kumo whispered in Stoner’s ear, moving her slim body behind him and stroking his six-pack.


Stoner held her hands and removed them from his Apollo's Belt. ‘Please respect yourself.’ He left as the sentence completed without a single glance at Kumo.


‘I’ve got something that can help solve your case!’ shouted Kumo. Stoner paused.

‘Don’t you want to know how Big Stan died?’ smiled Kumo and disappeared as Stoner turned his head.


Stoner went back to the building where he’d gone to investigate the crime scene.

He smelled the same pleasant scent again. Then, he went back to that room where he met the mysterious lady. Knocking on the dusty door, it opened itself. However, Kumo was not in the room. Stoner was disappointed and decided to leave. At that moment, he felt something soft but cold touching his neck. He trembled and froze. “Are you looking for me?” a cool breeze came along when Kumo whispered in Stoner’s ear.


Subconsciously, Stoner covered the ear with his hand and found his hand attached to some sticky threads. Suddenly, the room was engulfed by billions of spiders ……..


‘You are mine now, Stoner.’




Kumo lit up a cigarette, looking at a spider crawling on the window.



‘Good evening. It’s Jessica Smith on Late News Report. Another dead body has been found in West District in this week. The deceased is Sergeant Stoner.’


Hong Kong Young Writers Awards Competition 2014 

10 of our students from F.1 to F.3 entered the competition.

Please find their works by choosing 2014 --> Fiction Gp 3-6 -->Search "Immaculate Heart of Mary College".


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