2021-05-17Our students achieved Outstanding Award in 4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition 2021
The Hong Kong Public Libraries organised the 4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition 2021 in January. The theme of the competition is “Exploring The New Frontiers of Reading”. Our students, Chou Cheuk Yan, Ambrose from 3 John and Wong Man Hei, Benedict from 2 Luke, joined the competition and have been awarded an Outstanding Award in Junior Secondary (English) Category.
2021-05-14Blessing of the School and Prayers
On 14 May 2021, we invited Rev. Carlo Tei, PIME, to bless the school. The blessing was conducted in front of the Blessed Mother statue. Sisters, some teachers and students gathered together to receive the blessing, pray to God and ask for the intercessions of the Blessed Mother. May God bless our school with His presence, keep us safe and keep our school a dwelling place of peace and love.
03-05-2021Morning Assembly Sharing: Prayer in the Epidemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has been spreading around the world for more than a year. We reviewed Pope Francis's meditation in the morning assembly, so that we can keep our faith during the epidemic.

Meditation of Pope Francis:

Pope Francis-Moment of prayer:

2021-04-29Our School was shortlisted for the Final of the Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021

The Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2021 is organised by iKnow of Hong Kong Economic Journal, co-organised by the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. The Championship aims to help secondary school students make the best use of FinTech and deepen their understanding on privacy protection, cybersecurity and the value of prudent financial planning through fun and exciting competition as we adjust to new normal. Our School has won the Award for Enthusiastic Participation and was shortlisted for the Final (the Grand Challenges). The Final will be held in early July. For more details, please refer to the link below:

2021-03-27Our Teacher and Alumni awarded with 2019 Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards
The Prize-giving Ceremony of 2019 Jockey Club Hong Kong Coaching Awards was held in March 2021 via online due to the pandemic. The awards aim to commend the dedication of the awardees in nurturing Hong Kong athletes in different fields and their continuous work in promoting sports. Our PE teacher, who is also the coach of the School’s Athletics Team, Mr. Chan Wing Kiu, has won the School Coach Recognition Awards. Meanwhile, our alumni, Ms Lui Lok Yee, has won the Community Coach Recognition Awards in Para Table Tennis (Intellectual Disability). Congratulations!
2021-03-27Our students participated in the Studio in School | Say Trees! programme
Our F.4 Visual Arts students participated in the programme “Studio in School | Say Trees!” that was initiated by Make A Difference Institute (MADi) and co-hosted by arborist Dr. Michelle Law and artist Human Ip. The students were brought to learn beyond the walls of classroom and to explore stories of the trees in our dear community. Inspired by these lovely tree neighbours, they have created a number of artworks. Our students’ artworks will be showcased in “Make a Difference School End of Term” exhibition from 27 March 2021 to 6 April 2021 at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. You are all welcome to get a taste of these fruitful learning outcomes.
2021-03-18Subscription to Souvenirs of the 40th Anniversary
Subscription to Souvenirs of the 40th Anniversary To honour the 40th Anniversary of our school, several souvenirs are now available for subscription. All income will be allocated to the school as educational purpose after the deduction of cost. If you are interested in purchasing the 40th Anniversary souvenirs, please provide your contact number and items you would like to purchase in the Google Form below. We will contact you for the pick-up soon. List of souvenirs: 1.A4 Files (4 colours available – St. Irene House, St. Helen House, St. Magdalene House and St. Clare House) $15 per one 2.Eyeglasses Clean Towel $15 per one 3.3-in-1 Memo Pad (Pattern: Student Handbook) $15 per set 4.Power Adaptor (Limited!) $180 per one 5.Set A (Full set of souvenirs) – 1 set of A4 files (one of each colour), Eyeglasses Clean Towel X2, 3-in-1 Memo Pad X2, Power Adaptor X1 $260 per set 6.Set B – 1 set of A4 files (one of each house) $50 per set Payment method: Only Cash is accepted. Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr. Chan Chi Lap or Ms. Cheng Ming Yuk on 2647 1358.
2021-02-28Girls Athletics Team’s interview with Now TV
Previously, an interview was conducted with our school’s Girls Athletics Team on “Now Report”, a TV programme on Now TV regarding social issues. The theme of the programme was “Coach, I miss the inter-school athletics competitions!”. Under the pandemic, all inter-school athletics competitions have been suspended for over a year. The programme focused on how the girls felt as athletes themselves and how they dealt with adversity. The programme was aired on 28th February 2021 on the free TV broadcast Channel 99. Please click the following link to review the programme and share our pride and joy with the girls.
2021-02-23Cancellation of Interview Session of Secondary One Discretionary Places for Academic Year 2021-2022

Given that COVID-19 epidemic development is still unstable, the interview session scheduled on 13 March 2021 will be cancelled. With the approval of the Incorporated Management Committee, the selection criteria have been revised as follows:

Assessment Items


Primary School Performance & Rank Order provided by Education Bureau


Conduct, Extra-curricular Activities and Awards (including sports, community service, special talent in music and art)









Successful applicants will be notified by letter and phone on 31 March 2021 (Wednesday).

The final result will be released together with the results of Central Allocation on 6 July 2021 (Tuesday). The School will not notify the applicants of the final result individually. Parents need not make enquiries before the announcement of the allocation result.

For enquiries, please contact us at 2647 1358 during the office hours (Mon-Fri: 9am to 4pm).

2021-02-02Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2020-21
Some of our F.5 and F.6 students have participated in the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2020 organised by The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education. Lam Ching Hui and Lin Cheuk Yiu from 6 Matthew won the Third Class Honours. Shum Chi To from 6 Matthew, Wong Tsz Hin from 6 Mark and Lo Hei Yip 5 Matthew got a Merit in the competition.
2021-01-15Our students achieved the 9th Shatin District Outstanding Young People Award
The 9th Sha Tin District Outstanding Young People Award (第九屆沙田區傑出青年選舉) was organised by the Shatin Distict Youth Promramme Committee. It recognizes and commends young people for their outstanding achievements, active participation in community service and outstanding contributions to the community. Our students, Lam Fong Yee from 6 Mark and Wan Sui Ting from 6 John have achieved the Award this year. Congratulations to our students.
2020-11-03Mission Sunday – Introduction Video of Our School Sponsoring Body

Our School Sponsoring Body, Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, was established by Bishop R.A. Palazzi at Hengyang, Hunan in 1939. In 1958, Bishop Bianchi, Lorenzo PIME invited Sisters to come to Hong Kong and entrusted Blessed Rev Gabirel Allegra to take care of the Sisters in aid of their work in education in Shatin. Upholding the school motto “AMOR ET LABOR”, our Sisters have started the Immaculate Heart of Mary family, including IHMS, IHMK and IHMC and dedicated themselves to the education in Shatin.


2020-10-28Secondary One Admission Talk and Subject Exhibitions (2021-2022 Cohort)

To make the Secondary One Admission Information more accessible to parents and students, the Secondary One Admission Talk and Subject Exhibitions held on 7 November 2020 will now be conducted online. Starting from 7 November 2020, parents and students may click on the following links to view the videos of our admission details and subject exhibitions. You may also subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Facebook Page “聖母無玷聖心書院Immaculate Heart of Mary College”.

Secondary 1 Admission:

Videos of Secondary One Admission Talk and Subject Exhibitions (2021-2022 Cohort):
YouTube Channel: 聖母無玷聖心書院Immaculate Heart of Mary College

2020-10-10The 38th Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony

We rescheduled and held the 38th Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony on 10 October. Dr Tiffany C. L. Wong, Clinical Assistant Professor of Department of Surgery of the University of Hong Kong and alumna of the College, officiated in the event. The ceremony commenced with the Supervisor, Sr Lucy’s welcome speech, in which she encouraged the graduates not to fear the challenges ahead, but to surmount all difficulties in God’s love. Dr Wong shared her experience that she hoped graduates would learn through to dispel the fear of failure. Being a leading expert in the field today, she was not admitted to the medical school in the first place. However, she never refrained from pursuing her dream to be a medical professional — she was enrolled in the Department of Government and Public Administration, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and transferred to the Faculty of Medicine after a year. Dr Wong concluded her speech by quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg, late Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, as an example for students to take part in creating a better world. The College has embarked on a series of events in celebration of the 40th anniversary. To commemorate this and express their heartfelt gratitude towards the teachers, the graduates presented a gift of Chinese calligraphy, reading ‘Embracing God’s Grace, Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin’, to the school. The ceremony came to an end in the singing of the School Song.

2020-10-08Inauguration of Student Leaders 2020-2021
The Inauguration of Student Leaders held on 8 October 2020 was a momentous day for every student. Our School Supervisor and the Principal officiated at the ceremony and presented the badges to our prefects and student leaders, who pledged their loyalty to serve the school, to fulfill our school mission—Love and Labor. Student Leaders' Speeches:
2020-10-05Our students achieved the 16th Sha Tin District Outstanding Student Award
The 16th Sha Tin District Outstanding Student Award was organised by the Shatin Youths Association. It recognizes and commends the outstanding achievers who are the role models of all students in the district. 3 students from junior forms and 3 students from senior forms were recommended as candidates of the election. The interview session has been postponed to September due to the epidemic development. Our students, Chou Cheuk Yan Ambrose from 3 John, Ma Yingyin from 4 Matthew and Cheung Wing Yan from 6 Mark have achieved the award this year. Congratulations to our students.
2020-10-03Our students won the champion of “IoT Smart Kitchen”
In recent years, our school has set up the STEM Club which offers students with numerous opportunities in learning STEM. In the last summer, Fung Ting Wai from 6 Mark, Lee Tsz Long from 5 Matthew, Ng Shing Fung from 4 Luke and Yiu Cheuk Tik from 4 John participated two IoT (Internet of Things) workshops. After that, they formed a team and joined the “IoT Smart Kitchen” competition. Through using their creativity and STEM knowledge, they invented a brand-new smart kitchen with the IoT technology, which included modifying exhaust hood, cupboard, refrigerator, oven and induction cooker. Their brilliant idea was presented impeccably via a video clip and thus they won the champion. Congratulations to our students.
2020-09-30“Embracing God's Grace Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin”-The 40th Anniversary of IHMC
This year, all teachers, students and alumni are gratefully getting ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of IHMC. In 1981, IHMC took root in Sha Tin. Upholding the motto “AMOR ET LABOR”(Love and Labour), we have been dedicated to educating our students. Now, after 40 years, because of diligence of generations and generations of our IHMC members, IHMC has thrived and flourished. As the 40th anniversary’s theme “Embracing God’s Grace, Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin” states, IHMC will continue bearing all hardships that our founders faced in mind and live out God’s love while caring for Sha Tin and nurturing our students to be youngsters with aspiration and dedication. Events celebrating our 40th anniversary will be held soon and we welcome all alumni, parents, teachers and students, from near and afar, to come and join us on these festive occasions. More details will be posted on the school website and Facebook Page of Immaculate Heart of Mary Alumni Association.
2020-09-15The School Opening Mass cum the IHMK & IHMC Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony
The School Opening Mass cum the Kick-off Ceremony of Celebration events for 50th Anniversary of Immaculate Heart of Mary Kindergarten and 40th Anniversary of Immaculate Heart of Mary College was held on 15 September 2020. The Mass was celebrated at the convent of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, and all teachers and students from our Sisters’ schools could join the Mass via live streaming. Our alumnus, Rev. Joseph Liu, was the Celebrant of the Mass, and it was co-celebrated by Rev. Carlo Tei, P.I.M.E. and Rev. Louland T. Escabusa, C.I.C.M.. Rev. Joseph Liu encouraged us to learn from the Blessed Mother, who suffered with Jesus under the Cross, the way she kept her faith, hope and love despite her sufferings. During the Mass, the 3 Principals of IHMK, IHMS and IHMC, holding a cardboard with school pictures, were blessed and sent by the priest to start their work of this year. They would then take the cardboard back to school and offer it to God on 4th June during the Thanksgiving Mass on Immaculate Heart of Mary Feast Day. The Mass was ended in the joyful singing of praises to the Blessed Mother. For related news coverage and the video of the Thanksgiving Mass, please refer to the links below:
2020-09-01Online School Opening Prayer Ceremony of Immaculate Heart of Mary Family
IHMC, IHMS and IHMK conducted the School Opening Prayer Ceremony online on 1st September 2020, and all students joined the ceremony with Sisters and teachers to mark the beginning of this new school year. This year is the 40th Anniversary of IHMC and the 50th Anniversary of IHMK. Our new school year started with the theme, “With Faith Brings Hope. Share Love Shows Care”. During the liturgy, we prayed for the church, the government, the healthcare workforce, the underprivileged and all the members of Immaculate Heart of Mary family. Though the virus is still surging, Sister Lucy and the Principals reminded us that God is with us, so we have to be grateful and joyful for what we have. And most importantly, we put God’s love into actions to care for the ones in need. Please watch the full footage of the Opening Prayer Ceremony below:
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