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2019-06-07 (Friday)
Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme (Part 3) – Final Sharing Session
The school horseshoe crab rearing team, IHMC HSC, attended the final sharing session oragnised by the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation at City University of Hong Kong on 6th July. The team shared the rearing experience and the organization of various education programmes with the representatives from 15 participating secondary schools.
2019-06-06 (Thursday)
2019-06-06 (Thursday)
IHM’s Feast Day 2019
Staff and students celebrated IHM’s Feast Day celebration in the School Hall on 6th June. Reciting the significance of Feast Day, our supervisor, Sister Lucy Chung iterated that students should learn from the virtues of Our Lady to love God and others unreservedly in order to become a just and loving person to serve. Representatives from the Parent-Teacher Association and student representatives presented gifts to the Supervisor, Principal and the teachers to show their gratitude. Every participant felt the blessings of God when the ceremony finished. Following the celebration, all teachers and catholic students proceeded to St Alfred’s Church to join the teachers and students from IHMS and IHMK to attend the Thanksgiving Mass and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing led the service. After the mass, Long Service Awards were presented to each dedicated teacher who has been working unreservedly for our students. It was clearly a day for one and all to be appreciative and grateful for the year.
2019-05-18 (Saturday)
The 37th Graduation and Prize-Giving Ceremony
The 37th Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony of Immaculate Heart of Mary College was completed on 18th May 2019. In addition to the presence of Sisters from Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows and the school managers to present various prizes and scholarships, we were honoured to have Ms Cheng Gi Gi, who is a drama director, actress and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2017, as our officiator at the ceremony. Ms Cheng shared her memories of being a member of the Drama Club and her performances onstage at IHMC. She also encouraged the graduates to engage themselves in something meaningful and delightful, accept new concepts and think out of the box.
2019-05-10 (Friday)
Cultural Night 2019
Immaculate Heart of Mary College held Cultural Night 2019 on 10th May, 2019 for both students and parents. The event, which was held at the school hall, provided students chances to show their talents on performing arts. Programmes such as choir singing, Chinese dancing, juggling, rope skipping, music instrumental playing and Chinese Drama were attractive. A lot of fun and memories were kept in our mind!
2019-05-04 (Saturday)
2019-04-28 (Sunday)
2019-04-18 (Thursday)
Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme (Part 2) – Mudflat Clean-up and Field Trip in Ha Pak Nai
Ha Pak Nai is one of the important natural habitats of the horseshoe crabs in Hong Kong. The school horseshoe crab rearing team, IHMC HSC, observed the wild horseshoe crabs there with the guidance of experts from Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. Besides, the team removed oyster shells and debris from the mudflat, recovering the nursery ground for juvenile horseshoe crabs in Ha Pak Nai.
2019-04-08 To 11
Biotech Lunchtime Workshop
F.5 Biotech ambassadors carried out the Biotech Lunchtime Workshop for all F.1 students from the period of 8th-11th April. The name of this workshop is called Modern Sherlock Holmes - Forensic Science @ IHMC. In the workshop, the junior students have chances to learn about DNA fingerprinting technology in Forensic Science and have tried the micropipetting techniques.
2019-03-28 (Thursday)
Perseverance Talk (Guest: Mr. Wong Kam-po SBS, BBS, MH)
This year Perseverance Talk took place on 28th March. It was our honour to have invited Mr Wong Kam Po as our guest speaker. Mr Wong is a former Hong Kong Cycling Team member. He enlightened the School hall on how to face challenges positively. Winning the Gold Medal for three times in Asian Games and being the World Champion of 2007 UCI Track World Championships, Mr Wong earned the right to wear the Rainbow Jersey. Mr Wong shared his reflections on his vivid life experience, including his tough practice, his wound and his awards. Striving for the best and overcoming all the difficulties, Mr Wong realized his extraordinary dream. Students participated actively in the talk and earned a lot from the outstanding cyclist. It is hoped that students could develop positive attitude when taking on challenges.
2019-03-16 (Saturday)
2019-03-04 (Monday)
本會與明愛沙田長者中心合辦的「探訪獨居長者」活動。 報名參與活動的人數共 59 位,包括 6 位老師,13 位家長及 40 位學生,今次活動探訪了 12 戶,共 17 位 長者。 贊助十分豐冨,禮物包括: 老人奶粉、小盆栽、驅風油、萬金油、鎮痛藥布、洗衣液、食物袋、通心米粉、有機花蜜、鮮薑汁飲品、平安米、開運金幣、保溫杯及三款環保袋。 再加上鍾姑娘送出一批小玻璃瓶及一批本校學生用毛巾摺成的公仔,種類繁多。
2019-03-04 (Monday)
Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme
“Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme” is co-organized by Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong. Of the 30 selected schools in the programme, our school rearing team, IHMC HSC, has been established to rear juvenile horseshoe crabs, observe and monitor the growth of juveniles with the help of specialists from CirtyU from February to July 2019. The member of IHMC HSC includes F.4 students studying biology. Through careful observations and husbandry, students can better understand the conditions and behaviors of the horseshoe crabs in school laboratory. Besides, students have to monitor the water parameters including salinity, pH, temperature and ammonia concentration to ensure a better environment for horseshoe crabs.
2019-03-02 (Saturday)
Careers Day 2019
Organized by Immaculate Heart of Mary Alumni (IHMA) and Careers Team, the Careers Day was held on 2nd March, 2019. Over 20 alumni shared their valuable work experience with F.4 and F.5 students. The experience was not only a sharing of professional knowledge but also an occasion for the alumni to meet their juniors. This event signified the close tie between past and present students, aroused students’ interests towards different careers and helped make their life plans.
2019-03-01 (Friday)
Inter-school Long Distance Run Competition 2019
The Athletic Team has participated in Sha Tin and Sai Kung District Inter-school Long Distance Run Competition 2018-2019. We captured unprecedented Overall Second Runner-up for Girls this year. Our students obtained excellent results and here is the roundup of their successes.
2019-02-28 (Thursday)
Skills Exchange Session with Tokai University Athletic Team
The Athletic Team has invited by Shatin Sports Association and Pacers Athletics Club to participate the experience sharing and skills exchange session with Tokai University Athletic Team and received the guidance of Professor Susumu TAKANO, the current 400-metres record holder in Japan, to learn the latest training techniques.
2019-01-28 To 30
F.5 Biology Field Camp
F.5 Biology Field Camp F.5 Biology students participated in Biology Field Camp at Ho Koon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre for three days. The camp provided students with the opportunities to carry out ecology investigation, chemical analysis and project presentation.
2019-01-17 To 21
Excellent results in Inter-school athletics competitions
The Athletic Team has participated in Sha Tin and Sai Kung District Inter-school Athletics Championships 2018-2019. We captured unprecedented Overall Championship for Girls B Grade and Overall First Runner-up for Girls this year. Our students obtained excellent results and here is the roundup of their successes.
2019-01-07 To 09
The 31st Athletic Meet
The 31st Athletic Meet was held on 7 and 9 January at Ma On Shan Sports Ground. Students took part in various track and field events, especially in the relay in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrow. The closing ceremony had the privilege to have the officiating Guest of Honour, the Chairman of Parent-teacher Association, Mr. Sum Wai Shan. He encouraged students to participate more sport activities in the future.
2019-01-06 (Sunday)
為喚起學生關心社會公益和帶動親子關係,本會於2019年1月6日連同校長、老師、家長及學生參加「公益金五十週年百萬行」,為公益金資助之「家庭及兒童福利服務」步行籌款。 當日於中環起步,途經灣仔繞道(全程長約5.3公里)
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