Date : 2011-07-09 (Saturday) Location : BP International House
Activity Category : Anniversary

IHMC Anniversary Banquet Marks 30th Anniversary

Immaculate Heart of Mary College held its 30th Anniversary Banquet on 9th July, 2011(Sat) in Gordon Wu Hall of BP International House. About 600 participants including our honourable Sisters of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows, principals, alumni, parents and students of IHMC and IHMS participated in this memorable event. The banquet was kicked off by a thoughtful opening speech delivered by Sister Lucy. She mentioned the unremitting efforts made by sisters and school staff to establish IHMC. She appreciated the endeavours and sincerity of IHMC and IHMS alumni in preparing for the banquet. This 30th banquet irrefutably becomes an unforgettable memory of the IHMC family.

The venue of the banquet was decorated with classroom utilities which foster the sense of belonging of IHMC members. All of them showed their dedication and zealous support to their mother school. The banquet was climaxed when a video documentary which portrayed varied pictures of the IHMC family was played. This recalled a lot of precious memories among IHMC members. Overall the banquet was a great success. Our school principal Ms Cora Mok delivered a thanksgiving speech to value the support and contributions of sisters, principals, alumni, parents, teachers and students. We hope that IHMC can have every success in future.

Founded in 1981, Immaculate Heart of Mary College is one of the subsidised Catholic EMI secondary schools in Shatin. Drawing on its location near the centre of Shatin District and its dedication to society, IHMC has a remarkable contribution in providing a tailored and all-rounded education to students in Shatin. IHMC will continue to pave the way for enjoyable and successful learning for secondary students in future.

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