Subscription to Souvenirs of the 40th Anniversary
Date : 2021-03-18 (Thursday)
Activity Category : Anniversary
Subscription to Souvenirs of the 40th Anniversary To honour the 40th Anniversary of our school, several souvenirs are now available for subscription. All income will be allocated to the school as educational purpose after the deduction of cost. If you are interested in purchasing the 40th Anniversary souvenirs, please provide your contact number and items you would like to purchase in the Google Form below. We will contact you for the pick-up soon. List of souvenirs: 1.A4 Files (4 colours available – St. Irene House, St. Helen House, St. Magdalene House and St. Clare House) $15 per one 2.Eyeglasses Clean Towel $15 per one 3.3-in-1 Memo Pad (Pattern: Student Handbook) $15 per set 4.Power Adaptor (Limited!) $180 per one 5.Set A (Full set of souvenirs) – 1 set of A4 files (one of each colour), Eyeglasses Clean Towel X2, 3-in-1 Memo Pad X2, Power Adaptor X1 $260 per set 6.Set B – 1 set of A4 files (one of each house) $50 per set Payment method: Only Cash is accepted. Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr. Chan Chi Lap or Ms. Cheng Ming Yuk on 2647 1358.

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