“Embracing God's Grace Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin”-The 40th Anniversary of IHMC
Date : 2020-09-30 (Wednesday)
Activity Category : Anniversary
This year, all teachers, students and alumni are gratefully getting ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of IHMC. In 1981, IHMC took root in Sha Tin. Upholding the motto “AMOR ET LABOR”(Love and Labour), we have been dedicated to educating our students. Now, after 40 years, because of diligence of generations and generations of our IHMC members, IHMC has thrived and flourished. As the 40th anniversary’s theme “Embracing God’s Grace, Embedded Hearts in Sha Tin” states, IHMC will continue bearing all hardships that our founders faced in mind and live out God’s love while caring for Sha Tin and nurturing our students to be youngsters with aspiration and dedication. Events celebrating our 40th anniversary will be held soon and we welcome all alumni, parents, teachers and students, from near and afar, to come and join us on these festive occasions. More details will be posted on the school website and Facebook Page of Immaculate Heart of Mary Alumni Association.
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