F.2 STEM activity
Date : 2017-04-27 (Thursday)
Activity Category : Highlight
We use a motor model in teaching the application of magnetic effect of an electric current. This year, we asked our F.2 students to make this model. This is to nurture their skills in solving problem. We provided students with the working principle, examples from the Internet, a magnet and 1-m insulated wire. Students made their motors in Easter Holiday. They took video of their products and reflected on how they solved problems arouse. All 4 F.2 classes, 32 groups participated in a competition that followed. They were given another insulated wire to wind a new coil. Their new models were displayed for judging. Students were focused in making their new model. Many models only rotate for a few seconds while 6 of them rotated until the competition ended (about 20 minutes). When students’ videos were played, everyone rejoiced. All motors in the video rotated and problems, technical ones or of classmates’ were discussed. If students consider the number and the area of the coil in their making of the coil, this should be a very successful STEM activity.

Link to Media :
Competition video 1
Competition video 2
Competition video 3
Competition video 4
Competition video 5
Competition video 6
Competition video 7
Competition video 8
Competition video 9
Competition video 10

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