MobileLab @ IHMC 2017
Date : 2017-03-13 (Monday)
Responsible Person : Mrs. Wat Wong Ching Han and Ms. Lee Cheuk Wah Celesta Activity Category : Biology
The MobileLab was invited to visit our school. Gifted Biology Students from F.3 to F.5 were arranged to joined different activities on the MobileLab. F.5 students learnt the principle and had hand on experience on electrophoresis, F.4 students enjoyed their experience in extracting DNA from E. coli, while F.3 students had fun with the Glo-hand experience to evaluate how they washed their hands. Students were happy to have chance to widen their horizon in biology with the help of the lecturers of MobileLab.

Form 5

Form 4

F.5 (Electrophoresis)

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