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2017-10-27 (Friday)
2017 家長教師會週年大會
2017-10-12 (Thursday)
Inauguration of Student Leaders
The Inauguration of Student Leaders held on 12 October, 2017 was a momentous day for every student of Immaculate Heart of Mary College. Our School Supervisor and the Principal officiated at the ceremony and presented the badges to our prefects and student leaders, who pledged their loyalty to serve the school, to fulfill our school mission—Love and Labour. Sister Lucy closed the ceremony in prayer.
2017-10-06 (Friday)
Franciscan Day—Staff Development for Franciscan Schools
Sister Mary Lucy Chung together with the teaching staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary Kindergarten, Immaculate Heart of Mary School and Immaculate Heart of Mary College participated Franciscan Day—Staff Development for Franciscan Schools on 6th October, 2017. Rev. Fr. Stephen Chan, O.F.M. gave a talk titled ‘The relationship of Saint Francis of Assisi and his fellows’. Afterwards, the Vice-Principals of St Bonaventure College and High School gave sharing on teacher-student relationships. Joining this far-reaching programme, each of us learnt more about the spirit of Assisi and the importance of the student-teacher relationships. The day was completed by introducing the new teaching staff as well as showing our recognition and appreciation towards teachers for their loyal and distinguished service.
2017-09-16 (Saturday)
Form One Parents’ Day
Form One Parents’ Day took place on 16th September, 2017 in our school hall. Meeting the class teachers, parents had a glimpse of the learning of F.1 students.
2017-09-15 (Friday)
School Year Opening Ceremony & Our Lady of Sorrows' Feast Day
The ceremony commenced with our Supervisor, Sister Mary Lucy reminding us with the theme of this year ‘Diligence and Retrospection, Making right choices with God’s Grace’. She highlighted that we all should live brilliantly. After the ceremony, all teaching staff and catholic students of IHMC, IHMS and IHMK attended Our Lady of Sorrow Feast Day Mass, officiated by Rev. Adjutus Tian, OFM. He encouraged us to learn joyfully, study humbly, attend school exuberantly. At the end of the Mass, Rev. Adjutus Tian prayed for God’s blessings to be with us and our school every day.
2017-08-26 (Saturday)
Orientation for F.1 Parents and Students
Orientation for F.1 Parents and Students was held in the School Hall on Saturday, 26th August, 2017. The Principal, Ms Mok and the Vice Principals, Mr Chan Tak Wang and Ms Chan Kwan Yin, the Chairman of Immaculate Heart of Mary Alumni Association, Mr. Einishi Ho Yuen Lung and other teachers conducted the programme by providing the parents of our incoming Form One students with useful information that can help their children flourish and thrive at Immaculate Heart of Mary College.
2017-08-22 (Tuesday)
Visit to HK Electric Smart Power Centre
All F.5 Physics students visited the HK Electric Smart Power Centre to learn the new technologies that help us to improve the efficiency in using electricity.
2017-08-21 (Monday)
PolyU Nuclear Radiation Workshop
All F.5 Physics students visited the laboratory of the Applied Physics Department, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They attended a lecture about nuclear radiations and they conducted several experiments in the laboratory afterwards.
2017-07-27 (Thursday)
EdUHK Arduino Coding Workshop
3JN Lee Tsun Siu and Ng Yu Chun Thomas were nominated to join a coding workshop held by the Education University of Hong Kong. In the workshop, they learned how to use a single-board microprocessor “Arduino” to invent smart systems which consist of various types of sensors.
2017-07-23 To 30
4MT Cheung Siu Hei and 5MT Lung Yan Wa were successfully selected to participate in a mainland tour. In the tour, they visited important facilities related to the aerospace technologies in China. They attended lectures and they built their rocket models.
2017-07-15 (Saturday)
iFuture 17 workshop
Six senior form Physics students were nominated to join the programme. In the workshop, they learned more about different expertise in engineering their future development in Hong Kong.
2017-07-11 (Tuesday)
School Year Ending Ceremony
The School Year Ending Ceremony was held in the covered playground on 11th July. The theme of this year is ‘Determination, Diligence and Discernment, Love Your Neighbours.’ Our alumnus Dr. Tang Man Ho was invited to be our guest of honour.
2017-07-08 (Saturday)
Structural Engineering Competition for the Youth - Paper Tower Challenge 2017
3 teams of our Physics students participated in the competition. They were only allowed to use 100 pieces of A3 paper and one roll of adhesive tape to build a 1.6 m tall paper tower which can carry a given mass. 6MT Wong Yin Ching, Tse Tin Wai, Tai Chin Pang and Wong Hon Chiu won the Commendation on Lightest in the competition.
2017-07-07 To 14
EIE Robotic Challenge Junior 2017- Robot Hunter
Two teams of senior form Physics students were participated in the competition. They attended a series of workshops in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In which they learned software used in 3D printing and also the use of microprocessor “Arduino” and the related knowledge in coding. They successfully constructed their own robots which can perform a dance and other instructions by mobile app. 5MK Li Ho Wan Howard, 5MK Tse Ho Wan, 5MT Ko Kin Shek and 4MT Ma Sai Ki won the First Prize.
2017-06-29 (Thursday)
Tour to Environmental Facilities
Students joined the tour to environmental facilities on 29th June, 2017. Students can understand the concept and the development of Hong Kong waste management through visiting the environmental facilities.
2017-06-23 To 30
Working Reality
Organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group and school careers team, the “Working Reality” program targets for students to grasp core business concept and skills such as business operation concept, curriculum vitae (CV) writing and interview techniques.
2017-06-02 (Friday)
IHM's Feast Day Celebration
Staff and students celebrated IHM's Feast Day celebration in the School Hall on 2nd June. Reciting the significance of Feast Day, our supervisor, Sister Lucy Chung restated students should learn from the virtues of Our Lady to love God and others unreservedly in order to become a bold and giving person to serve. Representatives from the Parent-Teacher Association and student representatives presented gifts to the Supervisor, Principal and the teachers to show their gratitude. Every participant felt the blessings of God when the ceremony finished. Following the celebration, all teachers and catholic students proceeded to St Alfred’s Church to join the teachers and students from IHMS and IHMK to attend the Thanksgiving Mass and Rev. Chan Moon Hung Stephen led the service. It was clearly a day for one and all to be appreciative and grateful for the year 2017.
2017-05-19 (Friday)
The 35th Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony
The 35th Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony of Immaculate Heart of Mary College was held on 20 May 2017. Officiating at the ceremony, Ms Catherine Wong, one of the first alumnae of the school, thanked the Sisters for their effort to bring up youngsters generation after generation. She also recounted her days at school and how the education here has contributed to her success today, encouraging the graduates and students to persevere in learning and treasuring every moment at school.
2017-05-12 (Friday)
Cultural Night 2017
Immaculate Heart of Mary College held Cultural Night 2017 on 12th May, 2017 for both students and parents. The event, which was held on school campus, provided students chances to show their arts talents. The theme of this year was “ART - We’re Lovin’ it”. Students from Immaculate Heart of Mary School and Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School were invited as our guest performers. Students who participated in our scheme, “One Music, One Dream” performed in the Welcome Gala. Programmes such as singing, dancing, juggling, instrumental playing and Cantonese drama were performed in the School Hall. A lot of fun and memories were kept in our mind!
2017-04-27 (Thursday)
F.2 STEM activity
We use a motor model in teaching the application of magnetic effect of an electric current. This year, we asked our F.2 students to make this model. This is to nurture their skills in solving problem. We provided students with the working principle, examples from the Internet, a magnet and 1-m insulated wire. Students made their motors in Easter Holiday. They took video of their products and reflected on how they solved problems arouse. All 4 F.2 classes, 32 groups participated in a competition that followed. They were given another insulated wire to wind a new coil. Their new models were displayed for judging. Students were focused in making their new model. Many models only rotate for a few seconds while 6 of them rotated until the competition ended (about 20 minutes). When students’ videos were played, everyone rejoiced. All motors in the video rotated and problems, technical ones or of classmates’ were discussed. If students consider the number and the area of the coil in their making of the coil, this should be a very successful STEM activity.
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